Whether you're a lover of abstract expressionism, surrealism, or intricate graphic designs, you'll find a shirt that resonates with your artistic sensibilities. Embrace the power of self-expression and make a statement with every step you take.

Printed on 100% sustainable and ethically sourced cotton tees, our shirts are not just clothing; they're a testament to your love of the best the art world has to offer. 

Elevate your wardrobe with our artsy tees and let your style be the canvas that paints your story. Stand out, be bold, and wear your art on your sleeve with our extraordinary collection.


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NTRL VNYL Artsy Record Vinyl Nature Wood Tree Cotton T-Shirt
80s Neon Sunglasses Shutter Shades Eighties Party Costume Retro Vintage Cool Cotton Novelty T-Shirt
Yinyang Cats Cool Cat Kitten Chinese Symbol Balance Life Pets Artsy Cotton T-Shirt
Wild is the Fox Nature Cool Artistic Animal Sunset Artsy Outdoors Cotton Graphic T-Shirt
Universe Is a Big Jellyfish Planets Space Astronaut Solar System Stars Milky Way Adventure Cotton Artsy T-Shirt
Skull Forest Artsy Outdoors Landscape Wilderness Dark Arts Morbid Cotton T-Shirt
Bike Scene Cool Nature Cycling Artsy Mountains Sunset Artistic Cotton T-Shirt
The Dog Days of Summer Artistic Artsy Tarot Card Parody Sun Esoteric Spiritual Cotton T-Shirt
The Diver Artsy Jellyfish Colourful Ocean Sea Creature Artistic Cotton T-Shirt
Sun Fox Animal Wildlife Solar Animal Artsy Cotton T-Shirt
I Love Cat Heart Cute Animal Kitten Artsy Love Cotton T-Shirt
Astronomical Discovery Space Exploration Planets Mars Mission Cool Galaxy Cotton T-Shirt
Ahiru Koi to Usagi Japanese Inspired Rabbit Great Wave Kanagawa Artsy Cool Animal Cotton T-Shirt
Moon Cycle T-Shirt Australia Online Black
Moon Cycle T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Drop The Beat T-Shirt Australia Online White
Drop The Beat T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Child Imagination T-Shirt Australia Online White
Child Imagination T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Wild Heart T-Shirt Australia Online Black
Wild Heart T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Unknown Landscape T-Shirt Australia Online Black
Unknown Landscape T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Zen Astronaut Meditation Space Planets Solar System Yoga Serenity Spiritual Cosmos Cotton T-Shirt
Winter Sock Fox Socks Funny Humorous Artsy Nature Animal Artistic Graphic Cotton T-Shirt
Wild Streak Artsy Animals Nature Land Sea Ocean Outdoors Hiking Camping Cool Graphic Cotton T-Shirt
Wild Nature Cool Artistic Animal Flowers Floral Artsy Deer Outdoors Cool Cotton Graphic T-Shirt
Wild Forever Nature Artistic Animal Sunset Mountains Artsy Deer Outdoors Cool Cotton Graphic T-Shirt
Wild Day Fox Nature Artistic Animal Mountains Artsy Sunset Outdoors Cool Cotton Graphic T-Shirt