This foodie collection is a delectable feast for your wardrobe, featuring designs that will turn heads and ignite conversations wherever you go.

From mouthwatering pizza slices that look good enough to eat to sizzling burgers that sizzle with style, our food-inspired tees are a true delight for culinary enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike.

Printed on 100% sustainable and ethically sourced cotton tees, our shirts are not just clothing; they're a testament to your love of a good feed. 

Whether you're a devoted foodie or simply appreciate the artistry of gastronomy, our shirts will satisfy your appetite for both fashion and flavor. 

Thrillhouse: Where fashion meets foodie passion!


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Japanese Ramen Noodle Mens White Cotton T-Shirt
Sesame Street Cookie Monster Cookies Classic Retro Vintage Educational Puppet TV Program Officially Licensed T-Shirt
Sushi Cat in Edo Japanese Japan Kitten Food Foodie Cute Animal Artsy Cotton T-Shirt
Give Pizza Chance Funny Peace Sign Parody Pun Foodie Cotton T-Shirt
Yokai Sushi in Edo Japanese Japan Inspired Artsy Prawn Nori Foodie Kaiju Influenced Cotton T-Shirt
Take a Dumpling Chinese Dumplings Dim Sum Funny Yum Cha Cotton T-Shirt
Bonsai Ramen Cool Japanese Foodie Food Artistic Artsy Design Cotton Japan T-Shirt
Ramen Ooze T-Shirt Australia Online White
Ramen Ooze T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
National Drinkers Society T-Shirt Australia Online Black
I'm So Latte T-Shirt Australia Online White
I'm So Latte T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Coffecalypse T-Shirt Australia Online Black
Coffecalypse T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Capybara Ramen T-Shirt Australia Online Black
Capybara Ramen T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Accidental Spill T-Shirt Australia Online Black
Accidental Spill T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Cake Is Awesome T-Shirt Australia Online White
Cake Is Awesome T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Hot Sauce T-Shirt Australia Online Black
Hot Sauce T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
I Want To Be Inside You T-Shirt Australia Online White
Ramen Meowster T-Shirt Australia Online White
Ramen Meowster T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
The Great Onigiri T-Shirt Australia Online White
The Great Onigiri T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Expresso Yourself T-Shirt Australia Online White
Expresso Yourself T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Death Tea T-Shirt Australia Online White
Death Tea T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Cymbal Wake Up T-Shirt Australia Online White
Cymbal Wake Up T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Coffee Run '93 T-Shirt Australia Online White
Coffee Run '93 T-Shirt Sale price$29.95
Cucumber Sushi Dragon T-Shirt Australia Online White
Naruto Ichiraku Ramen Shop Japanese Manga Adventure Ninja Anime Cartoon Officially Licensed T-Shirt